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Domain Business Server $4.98 monthly


20 GB

Home Business Server $12.45 monthly


50 GB

Small Business Server $24.89 monthly


100 GB

Medium Business Server $124.25 monthly


500 GB

Big Business Server $248.00 monthly


1 TB

Enterprise Business Server $738.00 monthly


3 TB

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We guarantee your Privacy

We guarantee that we do not cooperate with marketing companies, or create data profiles. We charge just a small fee for an email address and we guarantee the privacy. The contents of your mailbox will not be analyzed and will not be shared with third parties.

Upgrades and Downgrades

You can upgrade or downgrade (if possible) your product at any time.

No long term contracts

You pay for a server monthly with an automatic subscription payment. Please note, all prices are shown for servers are on a monthly basis. You can cancel a subscription at any time. All prices are without VAT, VAT may apply depending of the country where you are located.

Special Offers

A special offer is offered for a certain period of time. You get a server product for free for a time period specified in the offer. This offer will not be extended automatically after this period. At the end of the free period of the special offer your have to place an order for the used product for further usage. In this case all configurations and e-mail addresses are retained.

The order and usage of a special offer for the announced free period is without any bindings and does not lead in a paid contract. If you do not place an order for further usage, the product and all email address and configurations will be cancelled.